Winter Grooming

It’s winter, cold and chilly.   Time to have a rest from regular grooming and let their hair grow long to keep them warm and cozy, right?   WRONG! Long haired dogs need to be groomed more regularly during the cooler months in order to keep the desired length slightly...

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Is your pet protected against fleas and ticks?

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! use preventative medication keep your pet’s coat short avoid long grass Spring is here and not only has it put a spring in our step it has also given a jump start to a dangerous time for our four legged friends.   Sydney’s flea and tick...

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About DogShed

DogShed-Pet-StylingWe provide gentle handling with positive reinforcement so your pet will respond positively with confidence and manner. Only with this in place are we able to provide a professional dog grooming and styling service that meets the industry standard. We will ensure that your pet is completely spoilt and leave us happy and relaxed.

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