Most of us think we are being kind to allow their dog’s coat to grow long to keep them warm in winter.   This can be true but can be a fine line if this longer hair becomes matted.   Unless you are prepared to brush your furry friend at least a couple of times per week – of which for many is not practical. It is kinder to have a winter cut (slightly longer) and groomed more regularly to keep at a manageable length.  Purchase a nice warm jumper for your dog for those colder days.

The density of the coat is more important than the length for warmth.  Nature takes care of this with the shedding process and acts more like a temperature regulator keeping your dog warmer in winter and cooler in summer. When you go to the hairdresser and have some length taken off the ends, does that provide less warmth to your scalp? No – providing you have an all over layer. The same concept applies to your pet.

Poodle X fact: All dogs shed hair!   Some breeds such as poodle and poodle cross have a single coat and shed in the same way humans do.   Only when the hair falls out of a poodle it can fall back into the tight curls and if not brushed regularly will form mats.

  • It is a good idea to keep the fur a little longer in the cooler months and for some breeds a jacket is a great idea – but more regular grooms are required to prevent matting.
  • Problems associated with matting:-
    • If matting occurs air is unable to get to your dog’s skin that can cause bacteria, dirt and moisture to become trapped leading to uncomfortable hot spots and other skin irritations.
    • The weight of the mat can pull against the delicate skin leaving terrible sores.
  • Problems associated with removing mats:-
    • Uncomfortable and/or painful to remove.
    • An undesired hairdo.
    • Extra cost due to the extra time involved and wears on equipment.
  • Nails need to be trimmed monthly to maintain a healthy foot structure.
  • Hygiene – your pet needs to be bathed.
  • Dander – this will build up in the coat without regular grooming.

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